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School Council

Our School Council are a team of dedicated and confident children who have taken on a very important job in our school! They meet once every half term to discuss any questions posed by their peers and they also think of new ideas which may benefit their school.

The children have a duty to ensuring that the children and staff are all working hard to keep our Eco School promises! Each day they:

•Check that each class has turned off their lights and computers at lunchtime.

•Ensure that the iPads are returned to the computer suite to be charged ready for the next day's learning.

•Give out stickers to the children with healthy packed lunches.

 Once a week we also go on a litter pick in our school grounds.


Last year

Last year we made a big effort to recycle more. The children decided that recycling all of our milk bottles and leftover fruit would be a great place to start! By the end of the Spring Term the teachers even had a new recycling bin for the staffroom and were recycling lots of waste.

We have also reduced the number of wheelie bins we have each week. Not only is this a great achievement in our aims to be Eco Friendly but it also saved the school some money!